Quick Summary:

Dr. Browne is a Professor of Applied Linguistics and TESOL and head of the EFL English teacher training program at Meiji Gakuin University in Japan, and is a well-respected and widely-published expert on English education in Asia with over 30 years experience at every level of the Japanese education system from elementary school to college, everything from directing a large chain of language schools owned by Sony Corporation to working with of the most major Japanese and foreign publishers, the Japanese Ministry of Education, large “brick and mortar” schools as well as many online language learning schools, universities and companies.

He is a specialist in Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition, Secondary English Education in Japan, online learning and CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning), and has helped guide the development of many language learning applications for mobile devices and PCs. He has written dozens of research articles and books, including a monthly column for the number one English education journal in Japan (Eigo Kyoiku), worked for the Japanese Ministry of Education in a number of capacities, and has led language learning product development for such software companies as EnglishCentral, goFLUENT, Cooori, Lengio and Lexxica (for which co-holds several international patents), as well as work as an author and online learning consultant for top language learning publishers such as Pearson, Oxford, Cengage, MacMillan and Cambridge University Press.