Work History


Professor of Applied Linguistics, Meiji Gakuin University (4/07 to present)

Professor of Applied Linguistics and TESOL and creator and head of the EFL teacher education program. Teach a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate classes related to helping students to become certified English teachers and researchers in applied linguistics. Was awarded and am in charge of a Meiji Gakuin Presidential Grant to create an online EFL teacher resource center. Member of the entrance examination development committee, volunteer center committee and international exchange committee.

CEO, Charlie Browne Company (1/10 to present)

Charlie Browne Co. is an educational consulting and management firm that develops educational software, corpora and corpus-based, lexical lists, online language tests and teaching materials for clients seeking to enter or improve their online services for the teaching English as a foreign language market in Asia. In the past 6 months Charlie Browne Company has released 4 iPhone apps and is now working on a large-scale web-based ER (extensive reading) and vocabulary learning platform. Over the past year, Charlie Browne Company has also taken on several major clients include two divisions of NHK, EnglishCentral, GoFluent, and Cambridge University Press.

Professor, Aoyama Gakuin University (4/96 to 3/07)

Faculty member of the Department of Business Administration and Chairman of the English Language Program. Taught a 2-year seminar on international volunteerism and service-learning, and have conducted overseas volunteer projects in Mongolia and Cambodia. Taught classes in critical thinking, comparative culture, international politics, and a series of popular 3rd & 4th year elective courses on J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. Core member of the committee which developed a multi-campus CALL self-access EFL learning center. Served for several years on the Steering Committee for International Student Exchange Center. Worked as a foreign student advisor for exchange students. Was a core member of the entrance examination development committee.

Assistant Professor, Kanagawa University (4/94 to 3/96)

Taught English to first, second and third year management, economics and engineering students. Classes included reading, grammar, cross-cultural communications and conversation. Taught a two year seminar course on J.R.R. Tolkien. Core member of the entrance exam committee.

Program Coordinator, Sony Language Laboratory (6/88 to 6/93)

Was responsible for helping to develop, coordinate and evaluate educational curricula and activities for a large chain of language schools owned and operated by Sony Corporation. Conducted all hiring, teacher-training and support for Sony’s 60 full-time and many of the 130 part-time ESL teachers.

Assistant Language Teacher, Kumamoto Board of Education (6/85 to 6/88)

Taught English conversation and introduced communicative teaching techniques to junior and senior high schools throughout Kumamoto. Also served as the last National Chairman of the MEF program, and the first National Chairman of the JET Program.


Guest Lecturer, Columbia Teachers College Japan (1/12 to 2/12)

Invited to teach an intensive 18 hour elective course to Columbia graduate students on the topic of “Developing Lexical Competence: From Theory to Classroom Practice to Online Application”.

Distinguished Lecturer Temple University Japan (2/10 to 11/10)

Invited to participate in Temple University’s “Distinguished Lecturer Series” to give three intensive 12 hour 1-credit workshops to graduate and doctoral students at their Fukuoka, Osaka and Tokyo campuses on the topic of “Utilizing Online tools for Researching and Developing Lexical Competence: From Theory to Practice”.

Part-Time Instructor, Senshu University (4/06 to 3/10)

Teach courses in politics and American culture for new department of politics (within the law department).

Part-Time Instructor, Waseda University (4/06 to 3/07)

Teach courses in critical thinking, current events and technical writing to third and fourth year students in the Department of Education.

Committee Member, National Council for Education (1/06 to 1/07)

Member of a 5-person committee that has been requested to make recommendations for a nationwide teacher training program for junior and senior high school teachers throughout Japan. Will also produce a book on self-development and self-learning to provide resources and motivation to teachers after they complete their intensive teacher training seminars.

Teacher-Trainer, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology (4/04 to present

Conduct Ministry-approved intensive in-service teacher training seminars (1 to 4 days) for junior and senior high school English teachers throughout the country.

Part-Time Instructor, Senshu University (4/00 to 3/06)

Taught Politics, Business English, and Current Events courses in the Department of Literature.

Part-Time Instructor, Meiji Gakuin University (4/04 to 3/05)

Taught four oral communication courses to freshmen in the Center for Liberal Arts.

Official Textbook Reader Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology (4/03 to 3/05)

Reviewed and commented on every junior and senior high school English textbook that was under consideration for approval and adoption by MEXT.

Teacher-Trainer, Tokyo Metropolitan Research Institute (6/94 to 3/2000)

Conducted a variety of short term and intensive in-service teacher training courses for Tokyo-area junior and senior high school English teachers. Past topics have included ESL methodology and technique workshops, team-teaching, second language vocabulary acquisition, speech and debate, lesson planning, use of video in the classroom and reading skills development.

Part-Time Instructor, Aoyama Gakuin Women’s College (10/92 to 3/96)

Taught two reading skills courses in the IEP (Intensive English Program).

Part-Time Instructor, Bunkyo Women’s College (10/92 to 3/96)

Taught reading skills, listening, composition and American culture courses.

Teacher-Trainer, Michigan State University University of Michigan (9/92 to 3/95)

Was responsible for the development and delivery of a series of intensive EFL teacher-training workshops at the Japan Center for Michigan Universities for Japanese junior and high school teachers working in Shiga Prefecture studying ESL at Michigan University.

Editorial Consultant and Author, Longman ELT Japan (5/90 to 4/00)

Author and consultant for a number of ESL/EFL textbooks produced by Longman and Lingual House Publishers. Co-authored a two level EFL textbook with Rod Ellis.