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About Charlie Browne Company:

I set up Charlie Browne Company to better help and advise clients who are seeking to enter the lucrative online learning market in Asia. I provide a wide range of services including the development of science-based learning applications and content for smart phones, PCs and tablets, the creation of pedagogy-driven, online learning environments for higher education, the development of corpus-based word lists and tools for teaching, research and text editing, and computer-adaptive language proficiency and placement tests (holding several international patents in this area).

I am a tenured professor of applied linguistics with expertise in corpus linguistics, 2nd language vocabulary acquisition and reading skills development and more that 2 decades of wide experience in the use of technology for language learning and higher education. Although I am a well-known and published researcher, regularly giving plenaries, TED Talks, and keynotes at academic conferences around the world, I consider myself more of an “applied” linguist rather than an ivory tower scholar, with a strong focus on making sure that every learning platform, assessment tool, word-list, and training technique I create is not only based on sound research, but also has real-world, practical applications. 
With over 30 years of extensive, inside experience at every imaginable level of English education in Japan, my vision has unswervingly been to not only help transform and improve the way English as a second language is learned and taught in Japan, but also to do everything in my power to advise and help others who want to enter this important and dynamic market. Please look through the site, the various projects, tools and content I have worked on, download some of my open-source corpus-based vocabulary lists and free online learning tools and apps, check out the long list of clients I have helped to succeed, and then don’t hesitate to contact me to see how I can help you!